Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fire Away

Yep this is our pistol. Well, actually, this is my father-in-law's pistol, but ours looks just like it and he lent it to me this past weekend. Mr. Sweet has been determined to teach me to load and fire the pistol in the event of an intruder while he is on the road. So over Christmas we decided there would be a little schooling.
Mr. Sweet is showing me how to pull the trigger. (Hey, you can't be too safe and I didn't want to fire incorrectly!)
Fire one! Two! Three! And I didn't hit the target I was aiming for one time. What's a girl to do? At least I know how to load the thing now.


Ed said...

Ed wants me to learn the same thing. A guy at his brother's work teaches concealed handgun classes, but I just don't know about it yet. I feel like I know how to shoot, but just not confident. What do you think?

Sara said...

that's what I was telling Matty-I can shoot, I just don't feel cofident when I am...especially a pistol. m. wants me to get my concealed license as well, but i'm not feeling it! i just want to practice shooting so i can feel like i know what i'm doing when i pick that thing up.