Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Como se dice....Sucker???

Yes, that is my husband standing in front of a Rosetta Stone "candy machine" at Love Field airport. For over a year Rosetta Stone Spanish edition has topped his wish list. Recently (in anticipation of coming Christmas monies) he began to research prices for the software. Several disappointing queries later, he realized the software had gone up in price over the past year, almost double what we were budgeting for it. Well, Monday we were walking through the airport when his eye caught sight of the bright yellow boxes, gleaming in the "candy machine." You can imagine his glee at finding the price on R.S. here was about $75 cheaper than any other place we had checked, AND he could have it immediately in his hands...no waiting on shipping! We were sold and immediately had to repent for all sarcastic comments we had made previously which went something along the lines of, "Who would ever purchase something from one of those machines? We've never seen anyone buying anything from those. Just wait until you get home and order it online."

Hey, don't judge us!!

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Anonymous said...

That sign right above my head is perfect... "Limited Time Offer". Those liars.
Well, I have no buyer's remorse. I am happy... er... mi es feliz. Adios!