Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Inspiration

Found this blog thanks to my fabulous sister-in-law...


If you have a minute or 60 to check it out...It will stir the pioneer woman in you. (or it did me. We are now considering a move to the plains to start raising cattle, chickens, and horses.)

Life is good in Kansas. Just returned from a sabbatical to the Texas Panhandle. More rest for me than for Mr. Sweet. One week of this trip was work for him. We were in Naz for a week, back in Kansas for four blissful-birthday-celebrating days and on the road again back to the Panhandle. I will be posting pictures of our adventures soon!

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Ed said...

Oh Sara,
I so wish you lived closer to me! You and are long lost sisters that happened to meet in Texas. Everyone of your posts is similar to things that I inspire to complete one day. So sad we were not born in the pioneer days to make everything from scratch, have a fresh garden and some chickens for eggs. If you ever move to the country, you are more than welcome to come and enjoy the fresh air!
Love ya and miss you dearly.