Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Bash

So the first year Mr. Sweet and I were married, we both forgot my birthday until about half way through the day...He came rushing in to the bathroom and said to me, "It's your birthday today!!" From that point on we decided to shamelessly and extravagantly celebrate our birthdays each year, and our birthweeks, and our birth months. While some years have been a little less extravagant thanks to that miser we call Mr. Budget, this birthday was one of pure enjoyment for me. The week included a subscription to Bon Appetit, breakfast out, Mamma Mia dvd, two very sweet cards and some shopping money. He's a fantastic birthday planner! The culmination of my birth week was dinner at J. Alexanders, a fabulous place introduced to us by Mr. Sweet's boss. Pictures below:
Started with side salads and cornbread.

Lemon drop martini. Mmmmmmmm.

The feast included prime rib roast with au jus, the best macaroni and cheese I've ever eaten, and a side of blue cheese cole slaw. I'm in heaven just thinking about it now and my mouth is watering.
Finished the meal off with a strong cappucino. This is not like me at all, but I was too full for dessert.
Love this man!

Yeah, I look REALLY full!

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