Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Highlights from My Holidays

So I finally feel caught up from many travels in December. This post has ALOT of pics, full of good times from our Christmas. Hope you enjoy!
Poor Ethan (my cousin)...Mr. Sweet and my dad picked on him relentlessly. It's always good when he's there, because Mr. Sweet gets his "wrestling" fix for a while.
Mr. Sweet is enjoying a cup of homemade eggnog at Nana's. was good and STRONG!
This is my wonderful father...what a blessing to have great family!

This is Trey, Mr. Sweet's stepbro and we haven't seen him in a while...These two have the same WEIRD sense of humor!
Lauren (the sweetest sis-in-law) and Laiton (my niece) in front of the fire outside one night. It was so COLD, but we wanted smores so Mr. Sweet's dad built us a great fire!
This is the road leading down to my other set of parents' home. I love it! It is a beautiful area.
Tammy, my mom-in-law, made this fabulous feast one morning. You bet your bottom I had seconds...maybe even thirds.
I thought this was an intersting sight. Because I have limited exposure to little ones, I forget that they are on the up and up regarding technology. My niece and nephew spent many a minute over Christmas gaming on the internet. You will notice Mr. Sweet is also a gamer!
My beautiful sister-in-law and her brother.
Gannen, my nef, got camo face paint for Christmas for his hunting excursions...So he and I had a little test make-up session!
All the girls (except me, cause I'm shooting the pic)
Mr. Sweet and Gan taking a break from wood chopping.
Grandma had a new little member of her family this Christmas, and we thought he looked HILARIOUS with his sweater and hood on. He is a cute little dog.
Mindi, my sister-in-law and dear friend
Grandma and me - post feast

Ahhh, on the plane headed home. Do we look tired?

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