Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend this past one. Little Sugar spent lots of time reading and wrestling with his Papa.

We moved some furniture in to Mr. Sweet's new office and this pea was worn out.

On our way out the door to garage sale.

This boy is loud and crazy fun!
Waiting on Mama to look around at a sale...

I also wanted to do a little project at the house. We created these "entry blocks" in front of both doors on our little back house. Looks so much better than the sand pit and cinderblocks that were there.

Of course, I employed the help of this dapper young gent...

and his handsome father.

On Sunday, we headed over to our nephew's football game. Little Sugar got his own jersey! (he has lots of room to grow)

With his cousins after the game...

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