Monday, September 19, 2011


So last weekend we made a fast trip to Oklahoma City so Mr. Sweet could do a sales training meeting. Some friends from Tulsa met us there and we had a fabulous time.
The boys did boy things, like a sales seminar and talk about business, and we girls did girl things, like shop.
But that night, they took us to a super tasty place for dinner. (They have been to Amarillo and know we are deprived of many great restaurants).

The place is called Hefner Grill and sits right on a lake. We elected to sit out on the patio, as it was a gorgeous evening.

We started off the meal with a little spinach artichoke dip...divine!

And I ordered the fried chicken plate...OMG so delish, juicy chicken and garlic mashed potatoes. Melt my heart! And, yes, I definitely over ate.

Mr. Sweet and Stacy wanted to try two different plates, so they each ordered one and split...Fish tacos with string fries.

And enchiladas with rice and beans.

Adam ordered ribs with fried okra and fries...the ribs were tasty. He was kind enough to share with me.

Then we ordered a side of squash rockefeller. Interesting and tasty.

Got to enjoy great fellowship with friends and watch the sun set over the water.
Now, I don't know what possessed me to want dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, but I suggested and we went. Way too much food! But here are the pics of our desserts. Brownie fudge sundae...

Reese's peanut butter cup cheesecake...

Apple Crisp...

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Brad & Kimber said...

Awwww this was so sweet! I love seeing all of your faces and miss both you guys and the Teagues so much! I hope yall had a great time!