Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Renovation City-Nursery

Last March, Mr. Sweet and I moved into a house. It was in need of some major face lifting on the inside. Since Baby Bear was on the way, we started in his room first... This is how it was painted when we moved in...As you can see in the corner, the floors had been stripped of carpet but not stained or varnished. Mr. Sweet and his brother spent one weekend staining the floors and they turned out FANTASTIC! He even picked out the color of the stain without my consultation. I was very impressed with his selection! Glad I was gone for this task....It was labor intensive! Mr. Sweet and I spent the next couple of weeks taping off the trim, scraping and painting the ceiling, painting walls, painting trim and painting furniture. I chose a very light blue for the walls and made the curtains from canvas drop clothes. I am really pleased how the room turned out.

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