Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, its been awhile friends, but I'm back at The Sweet Life with some updates on the happenings in the McLain life. The past couple of months have been full of adjustments and more changes.
But first, let me backtrack and show you some pics of great memories over the past few months...In October, we travelled to Estes Park, CO to attend the wedding of a highschool girlfriend of mine. While there we were also able to see and stay with some friends, Greg and Lou, who had just moved to Estes.

Enjoying the afternoon in Boulder.

Mr. Sweet and Greg....lots of elk in the background

Loved the time spent catching up with old friends.

Hiking around Estes. It was so beautiful and all of the Aspens were gold. It was a great time to visit.

Mr. Sweet and Greg smoked their pipes in the evenings on the porch, which has this view...

Greg's famous hot chocolate....mmmm...I want some right now; however, I have tried unsuccessfully three times to duplicate the recipe and have decided that will just have to be a treat for when we are visiting.

We also saw so many elk, which had come down to a lower elevation because it was getting colder. They were everywhere.
My sister also got married in October. My dad, being the only male in our family for 20 years, was excited to get another son. We spent the weekend going from one party to another, celebrating.

My sis, me and my mom at the Bachelorette party.

The cute couple, Kurt and Meg, at the rehearsal.

Meg, with two of her girlfriends, toasting the bride on her wedding day.

The beautiful bride with our parents...all gussied up!
The end of October found us attending a Halloween bash with our good friends, the Dagleys...yes, that studly gorilla in the photos is Mr. Sweet.

Gorilla man playing poker.
We spent Thanksgiving in Nazareth with my parents. We had just found out that Little Button was on the way a few weeks earlier!

We cooked the turkey on the grill and it turned out juicy and perfect! Served with mashed potatoes and pecan pie! Delish!

We have been able to find some quaint eatries here in A-town. I will be posting some pics soon.

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