Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally, A Breakfast Place

Found a great little place for breakfast...It's called Milton's and is a local dive. Great coffee and fabulous breakfast.
Mr. Sweet had a breakfast burrito with roasted potatoes.
And in a completely uncharacteristic moment, I ordered a breakfast BLT and decided not to try their pancakes. The BLT was scrumptious; hearty smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, crisp lettuce, onions and cool tomato...A perfect combination. However, breakfast usually consists of a perfect balance of sweet and savory for me...If we are out for breakfast, I ALWAYS order some sort of sweet bread with just a bit of savory on the side (i.e., pancakes and bacon, biscuits and jam with sausage, etc.).
Thankfully, Mr. Sweet stepped in after my decision to order the BLT alone and ordered a pancake...He didn't want to hear me whining about not getting to try any of the sweet treats from Milton's later in the day.
Homeboy made the right decision...this pancake was amazing! Tender and slightly sweet, it soaked up the butter and syrup perfectly.

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