Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Valentine

Fifteen years ago on Valentine's Day, I was sitting in my sixth grade computer class at school when someone walked in with a bouquet of flowers and said, "Sara, these came for you." My face turned bright red as everyone in my class began to ask, "OOOHHH, who are they from?" I slowly opened the card, and to my total surprise, and complete humiliation, found these words "I love you, Dad." In sixth grade a girl is much too cool to receive flowers from her dad. But my dad could see the bigger important it is for a girl to know that her father treasures her, that she is someone's Valentine. As the years went by, I became accustomed to receiving a "surprise" delivery on Valentine's Day, and now it is probably my most anticipated surprise on February 14. No matter where I've been, somehow flowers or chocolates have been delivered to me with a card that says, "love, dad." So this past Saturday there was a knock on my door, and here is what I got...
And I didn't feel a bit of embarrassment. Instead, I felt so thankful for a father who loves me, who pursues me and fights well for me, for one who makes me feel special, beautiful and loved.
Dad, you are my second favorite Dad, and I love you!


The Durham's said...

Ok, this made me tear up! This is so sweet! Thank you for your sweet comment:) How is life going for you guys? Will you be visiting big "D" soon? We would LOVE to see you both:) You are so absolutely beautiful inside and out! Bless you!

Luke and Kendra Bruns said...

Sara, that is really beautiful!! I remember when I was in 5th Grade on Valentines Day, my mom and brother were at the San Antonio Stockshow, and I was staying at a friends house... I opened up my suitcase that night and had a teddy bear with chocolates from my dad!! Those are the best memories! Thank you for sharing yours, you are a lucky little lady to have such a great dad! Love ya! Kendra