Monday, November 10, 2008

Heaven on Earth??

Could be...I found this gem of a store the other day when out exploring our new city. Pryde's of Westport is a mecca for kitchen enthusiasts, a sight to behold. I moved from room to room taking in the sights...cookware, aprons, gadgets, dishes...while ecstaticly declaring to Mr. Sweet, "I could spend hours in this place!" (At which point I saw his eyes dart to the nearest exit and heard a prayer go up from his lips for the Lord to quickly deliver him).
I loved this green tea cabinet (below) cute!
He, however, was rewarded because we soon stumbled upon a tiny corner of the store called "The Upper Crust." This small pie bakery was unbelievably tempting, with bakery cases full of homemade pies and the counters spilling over with cookies and SAMPLES!! I vow to return soon (probably by myself or with a fellow enthusiast) to have uninterrupted time to browse, sample and hopefully spend a wee bit of cold hard cash.

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sevans said...

Wish I could have been at the store with you! Glad you guys enjoyed your weekend away. <> to you both.

P.S. You need to make your pictures bigger. I can't see anything. Those pies would look so much better...bigger. ;)