Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend with the Folks

My parents were in town this past weekend for a visit. We had a fabulous time showing them around KC. We also ate ALOT of really good food, of which I forgot to take pictures. I just wrote in my journal this morning how thankful I am for our parents. It means so much that they are interested in our lives and want to visit us. They are an incredible gift from the Lord.
Here are a few pics of the weekend.Breakfast down by the market in Kansas City. This is a great little Italian breakfast diner. I wanted biscuits and gravy and pancakes, but Mr. Sweet said no. (I guess he did not want to have to carry me around the rest of the day when the carb coma started).
My mom has a great eye for photos...These pictures are thanks to her. So many vivid colors at the Farmer's Market.
Here is a cupcake shop down town that I cannot wait to try. Went in to browse...The cupcakes are works of art...Really fun!
Coconut cream pie...mmmmhhhmmmm!

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