Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creative Pizza...Wonderful Husband

Okay, work has been more crazy than I would have imagined that work at Starbucks could be. Lately it seems like there has been a contest to see who can NOT show up for their shift the most. Somewhat stressful...Anyway, the reason for this blog is to say this past Sunday I worked until 12.30 and since about 11 had been wondering what Mr. Sweet and I were going to eat for lunch. I was in no mood to cook and there was NOTHING in our house except a couple of cans of tuna and some oatmeal. So I walk in the door and a wonderful aroma fills my nostrils. My fabulous man had rummaged through our freezer and pantry and located enough ingredients to construct a pizza, and not just any pizza, mind you, an incredibly creative one. And I had my doubts at first sight...tomato paste, corn, chicken, broccoli, and onion...topped with cheese and seasonings he is keeping secret from me. I know it sounds crazy, but it was possibly one of the tastiest pizzas I've had, full of just the right spices and flavors. So, Mr. Sweet, thank you, again, for rescuing me.

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