Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What We Have Been Up To...

I have been in a serious baking mood lately. Or at least a serious sweets-eating mood, which means I have to bake. And I have recently hired this little sous chef.

Little Sugar LOVES animals, cows in particular. He has several cows, which he usually plays with every morning.

He discovered that they will fit in our window so they usually make a trip there every day. He also calls all boxes Choo-Choos and wants to push them around or to be pushed around in them...Some are a tight squeeze.
Good times here at the Sugar Shack. Loving life, loving good food and drink, loving playing with our precious son and looking forward to our new addition, loving time with friends and evenings outside on the patio. Hope you are enjoying your sweet life, too!

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Jen Fisher said...

Hey friend. Are you expecting #2? Your little man is such a cutie!
Jen Fisher