Sunday, July 24, 2011

Renovation City-Bathroom

A few months ago, Mr. Sweet's brother came to our house and spent about two weeks renovating our bathroom. You cannot believe the change!
Here are some before pics:
All white, mismatched tile, bulky sink counter, huge medicine cabinet
Linoleum tile
Hot water heater crammed into the tiny closet; therefore no storage space.
Scratched up tub, that could not be cleaned out.
Mr. Sweet and I did demo the two nights before remodeling started. We tore all of the tile and sheet rock out, leaving only the studs.
And here are the changes... (The pics do not do justice, because our bathroom is so small, I could not really get a good shot of things.)
We put bead board on the walls, replaced the medicine cabinet with a small oval mirror, and exchanged the bulky sink for small pedestal sink. We put in bamboo flooring.
The hot water heater was moved to the garage and this space became a closet. Yea for more storage!
Rather than replacing our cast iron tub, we had someone come in and refinish it. Now it, too, looks new.
We put in new tile around the tub and changed out the fixtures.
I am so thankful for our fresh, new bathroom. The changes are amazing.

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kayla said...

It looks great Sara! Love the pedestal sink and fixtures.

I have a feeling we're going to be doing a bathroom renvoation eventually too...not because we want too, but because we need too. I'm looking forward to a new shower, but not the $ or time!!