Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Kind of Nap

I am only posting this so I can sometime in the far future read back over it and laugh. I was not laughing this morning.
So, Little Sugar just this morning at breakfast took an interest in the velcro tabs on his diaper. While eating breakfast, he began picking at them and pulling them off. I told him "No" and we went on about our morning. Skip forward a couple of hours and he is napping. I heard him wake up, but it had only been an hour and I wanted him to stay in bed a little longer, so I didn't even check him in the monitor, I just left him in his crib. He continued to fuss on and off for a while, so I checked in the monitor. He was just laying there snuggled with his Puppy, but I noticed something that was a different color on his mattress and then as I looked a little closer at him, he had no diaper on! I ran into his room and flipped the light on, yep, poop EVERYWHERE! Two piles on his mattress, on his little blanket, on a pillow I had left in there, on his bear, on his puppy, all over his shirt, arms and mouth! The only place where there was no poop was in the diaper that he had taken off. So I grab him up and run in to the bathroom, where I realize we have no water because a plumber is here working on something. So I run with him (because I cannot set him down anywhere) back in to his bedroom and grab the box of wipes, back to the bathtub where I wipe him down as best I can. Then I set him in his pack n play so I can run next door to the neighbors to get a tub of water. Mind you, Little Sugar is SCREAMING this entire time. Back to the bathtub with the tub of water, run and grab Little Sugar and continue the cleaning process. I finally get him scrubbed down and changed, but still had to wait for the water to be turned on so I coul deal with the mess that was his bed. This little adventure definitely made for an interesting morning and I can tell you, he will not be taking a nap without some form of pants covering his diaper from now on.

My sweet little non-poopy boy!

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kayla said...

Oh my goodness!! LOL! What a morning you both had!