Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cloth Diapers

So I have been using cloth diapers now for about the past nine months. I haven't made up my mind yet as to whether or not I am happy with my decision. My brother-in-law installed the clothes line (pictured above) in my backyard, which I LOVE. I dry towels, sheets, jeans, everything out there. Back to the diapering...because of the number of diapers I purchased, I wash them about every 3rd day. While today's cloth diapers are much more advanced than the ones my mother's generation used, it is still more work than disposables. However, I am happy that I am able to avoid lots of diapers thrown in the trash.
That being said, I feel like I am in a constant state of the cloth diapers being around. On the line out back, piled up on my dryer because I haven't gotten them folded, or when weather is bad hanging in my kitchen on the dryer stand.

I have purchased biodegradable liners to put in diapers which I can flush in the case of poop, but a lot of times I forget to put the liner in the diaper, at which point, I am hating the cloth diapers and wishing I could just switch back over to disposable. In all honesty, I would say I am 70% glad to be using cloth and 30% wishing I had just gone with disposables (and a large percentage of that 30% relates to dealing with the poop in the cloth diapers). But since the initial cost of buying the cloth diapers is rather large, I feel committed to the cloth diapering system for now.

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