Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Denver Here We Come

Last February, Matty and I took a little get away up to Denver. I am reminiscing, because we are leaving tomorrow for Denver again. Here are a couple of fabulous food finds in the Denver area...
If you are EVER close to Denver, Mr. Sweet and I highly recommend Snooze, an A.M. eatery.
We walked a couple of miles through the snow in downtown to get was SO worth it.
There was such a great atmosphere and energy in this from the moment we walked in.
Our waiter brought us a peanut butter pancake while we waited; a sort of breakfast appetizer, if you will.
I had Greek yogurt with home made granola, served with a lightly grilled grapefruit.

Mr. Sweet had an Eggs Benedict sandwich with Canadian bacon and Hollandaise Sauce, served with a potato cake. When we scheduled our flight in to Denver this time we purposely set the time so we could grab breakfast at Snooze....More pics to come from that adventure.
We had dinner at Cherry Creek Grill...low lights, soft music, comfortable booths...I could have spent the night here.

Appetizer of warm corn chips with freshly made guacamole and pimento cheese.
Mr. Sweet had a French Dip sandwich with a side of horseradish mashed potatoes.
If you live in a city where restaurants such as this one are easily accessible, please go there, have a tasty dinner and send warm thoughts my way.

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