Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breadwinners, I need you!

I had a favorite breakfast place in Dallas...Breadwinners, and it still brings up warm fuzzies in my heart when I think about it. We have tried several places in the KC area for breakfast and none have rivaled the early morning atmosphere, great coffee and delicious sticky buns of BW. I am having withdrawals right now! Revolting as I look at the pictures below...Mr. Sweet ordered an omelet. It was okay, but we like our veggies in omelets sauteed and these were raw...not quite the same.
My pancakes were very tasty, though. And they came with a side of bacon, which is really important to me. I like sweet for breakfast and a little side of meat. So good!
We did have the best seat in the house on that cold Saturday morning, too. Right in front of the fire place.

Overall, this place was a 4. I will continue my search for a new favorite breakfast dive and until then, I will dream of sticky pecan buns and Scrambles.

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