Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Yumminess

This year was my first try at hosting Thanksgiving. My sister and parents came up to spend Thanksgiving. I was really pleased with the turnout of the meal (especially the turkey!).
Here are some pics...
(My first turkey!!)
Homemade rolls - Nana's recipe
Mincemeat pies - LOVE THEM!!!
My mom and sister helped me a lot, and we spent a lot of time laughing at each other. REALLY hungry!
Where's dinner??
After a LONG day in the kitchen. ;)


Anonymous said...

You might think that the camera adds 5 pounds. Not on old Tom up there. That was a 27 pound turkey! We are still eating leftovers. If anyone knows a needy family in the Midwest, send me their contact info. -Matty

sevans said...

Too cute!! Love the pics and good job Mrs. Hostess. Don't feel bad about laundry. Once I turned all of Brent's white shirts pink. :) You're welcome!